You Make A Difference

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Lots of people said, and still say; Life isn’t easy, it’s a fight. Life isn’t a game, it’s a war. True love doesn’t exist… You have to make the best with what find here and there; you can’t choose people’s qualities, but you can choose which flaws you have to stand…

Today, I know I’m not “all that”. I know I may seem like one more person in this world, but I also know that I will prove to everyone that they are wrong… I will show everyone that if you want; Life isn’t easy, but there may be a reason for the fight. Life isn’t a game, but you can have fun. Maybe true love doesn’t exist, but I can guarantee I found it. I don’t choose people as if they were objects with flaws, because each one is perfect.  If there is one thing that I learned that is worth something, it certainly was to always stand up, show what, and why you think in some way,  to make a difference. It was to get up, even when you wanted to give up. To keep walking, even though your wounds are still open. To know, that everything has it’s time… It was to try to fly, even though they say you didn’t have wings. To run, even when they say there is no ground.  To feel, even when they say there is nothing… To live life, and not just survive. To show the world, that not everything is possible, but only when you put limits, since the only limit that exists, is the one we put on ourselves. If I am here today… It is to be proof, that the impossible, is possible… It is to show, that the blind can see, the mute can speak, the deaf can listen, the fallen can get up, the loser can win, the dark can shine, the stupid can think, the paralyzed can walk…

We make the world around us. We are the only ones that can do something. You can’t expect others to do something, that not even you do. You can’t expect people to think like you, that’s why you have to show how you think. Say it once to explain, and another for them to understand. You have to walk with your head up, ignore what people say. You are not an object to have a price tag. You are not a door-mat to be stepped on. You are not broken to be fixed. You can’t be wrong, since today there is no correct, there are different ways to think in society. We have to know our value. Our value is not determined by what we have, like money, cars, houses, books, movies, TV’s and etc. Our value is determined by the things we did, and do in our lives. For how much we love, how much we help, how much we support others, even when you get kicked afterwards. Our value is determined by our soul, our person, for the things we feel. That is our value. Our value, is priceless, no limit. Nobody said that there had to be a limit, and they never will, because even if they do, it doesn’t make a difference. We are illuminated, different, unique, special, and thoughtful beings. You cannot put value on that. Everyone is connected, whether we want to be, or not.

The only thing we can do, is live our way. To decide how the world around you is going to be. To know if you will get up when you fall. To know if you win when you lose. To know if you will continue when you stop. To know, you will love, even being hated… To know you will speak, even being ignored. To know you choose, if the cup is half full, or half empty. To know you control your life. To know if you will take the first step of the staircase, because for you to reach the top, you have to start at the beginning. To know you make a difference, even if you don’t notice.

I am not surviving, I’m living. That makes a difference. I am not afraid to be at my full potential, because when I shine, I unconsciously give permission for the people around me to shine. No one is afraid of losing, people are afraid of winning. They are afraid of showing what they are capable of. But that’s why I’m here. To be at least one person, that wants to live life to it’s maximum potential. If I change my life, I change some. If one person in this world is smiling because of me, if one person has a better life because of me, it is worth being here.

Live life your way, because you make a difference!


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