My Monster

Untitled-2 - Copy

Sometimes the people that seem to be the happiest, are the ones that most suffer. The people that smile the most, are the ones that cry the most. The people that are quiet, are the ones that want to fly the most. Life is an illusion, but a tricky illusion. Everything that seems to be, in reality isn’t. And everything that never was, in reality was and still is. The blue we see when we look at the sky, is actually all the colors except blue, but we simply see the color that is reflected, which is the only color the thing isn’t. The level of our consciousness when we are awake , is only one level above our level of consciousness in which we find ourselves when we are asleep. So what we think is far from our dreams, is actually one level away. The people that are the happiest, many times are the ones that most suffered. What can cause a tear to form today, can make a smile form tomorrow. Life is made with many choices and various paths, but few know that one time or another, you will fulfill this life’s destiny. Certain people that like to see others happy, are the ones that hold in their feelings the most. The people that seem to be dark, are the ones that have most potential to shine. Some people can say they hide a certain part of themselves… They prefer that no one sees their hidden side… The bad side. The sad side. The abandoned side with no care. The side that simply never got out, and grew up with itself. The side that sees the other side happy and says “Why can’t I be like you?” “Why can’t I be shared?” “Why do I have to be hidden?” It’s the side that simply want to get out, because after leaving, it will be free. It can fly freely through the dimensions and find where it should be, so it can transform into light. Sometimes feelings are afraid to show themselves, they are swallowed whole, to prevent that people around you get upset. To prevent loved ones from knowing you are hurt, and have hidden sadness. To protect yourself, and have what to do on that cold and lonely night. Let the tears run down your face, releasing the poison inside you. Let the abandoned side get out and say “I want to be free” Because life is like this. It has its come backs, it has its miracles. But other than all this, it has to be lived.

One day my monster will be free
And that my worst nightmare could be
I hope loved ones aren’t with me on this day
Because the worst that can happen is my monster run away
All of the feelings, all of the sadness, one day will have to escape
Destroying everything in its way, with nothing to hold back my monster will not give a break
My fire will burn, my bad side will come
But this is all planned so after some time I will be done
When all of this gets out
When all of this ceases to exist
I can be happy once again
Truly happy, not just pretend



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