The Beauty of Music

Untitled-2 - Copy

When you don’t have the words to describe
The sensations and emotions inside
When things seem to be going right or wrong
When something happens and you knew all along
That you wouldn’t have the words to explain
The jumble of feelings that you just can’t contain
There’s something that connects us all
No matter how fat, skinny, short, or tall
The fact that even when we can’t explain something
We turn to the expression of this simple one thing
The Beauty of Music with each and every verse
As the sounds and melodies all immerse
The Beauty of Music with each and every sound
As the beats and lyrics move all around
Inside our souls, our hearts, and our mind
The Beauty of Music isn’t hard to find
As it gives us words to our feelings
Comfort to our grieving
Happiness to our sadness
Sanity to our madness
Sympathy to our reality
Reasons to our morality
Things that we can’t even define
When everything seems out of line
The Beauty of Music is always there
When we close our eyes and be aware
Of the millions of voices singing in unity
The differences that make us a community
No matter our sexuality, beliefs, or religion
Things that aren’t always a decision
The Beauty of Music connects us all
And gives us support when we’re going to fall
It’s something that you feel
It’s something that is real
The sensation of being understood
Despite feeling bad or good
The sounds and melodies bring us together
And maybe with it, make the world better



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