Stuck in the Middle

Untitled-2 - Copy

Ever since she was little
She wished for the perfect one
But now she’s stuck in the middle
Of a war that’s just begun

On one side is her dream
Everything she ever wished for
She knows that they’re a team
And she knows together they will soar

On the other side is a surprise
Something she couldn’t guess
Curiosity burns within her eyes
With a desire hard to suppress

Is it a risk she should take?
To throw her perfection away?
What if it’s a mistake?
That will color her heart gray?

Of course, both sides are not the same
That’s a detail everyone knows
She knows it’s not a game
But her passion for it shows

These feelings end up a bother
She doesn’t know what to do
Her curiosity drives her farther
Than she should ever go

Down this road, each step she takes
Uncertainty ripples at her skin
Unsure of what to do, a small part of her breaks
She knows this might just be a sin



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