Thank You From The Bottom of My Heart!

Untitled-2 - CopyI actually have a following, oh my God! Yay! I want to say thank you to everyone who likes the things I post(although most are poems). Just, yes! Thank you from the bottom of my heart to the top of my soul and yay! *Squeals childishly*

It makes me happy to know that I’m at least entertaining or amusing or helping a few people. I’m thinking that I might, eventually, start posting some of my art here, but, I’m not sure yet… I’m tempted to make a comic of some sort… I just need to figure out a nice style for that… since, I personally am not all that amazed with my art. Maybe I’ll do that. Maybe, although I’m not yet certain.

On another note, since I’m here saying “thank you” and things of the sort, today I decided to take a look at what pops onto google whenever I put “Fiorre” or “Grace Fiorre” and let me say something… I was suuuper happy! I saw two websites that have some quotes from my book, The Nothing Spirit! This honestly made my day! That made me legit elated!

If you’re interested at all in looking at that, the first was here, from a blogger apparently referred to Mama T, although her name is Tori. Tori, I’d like to say that I’m really glad you liked the quote from my book. You chose a really nice one, might I add! I hope that maybe sometime in the future I can have more quotes on GoodReads that interest you in some way. Thank you again, I’m very happy that I was able to provide you with something useful! :)

As for the second place where I saw a quote of mine, right here if you want to check, I am honestly surprised it is a website dedicated to quotes! I mean… yaaaay! I’m spreading among the internet like wildfire! Okay, maybe not… but maybe someday, right? After checking the website(, if you didn’t click or wanted to know), it apparently has 3 of the quotes I have on GoodReads. I think I might’ve said this before, but I’m not sure… but I’m surprised and happy and just, shivering with joy!

If you’ve seen any place that references anything from me, please let me know! I’m always super curious about what is going on!

Thank you again for following my blog and I hope you have a wonderful, amazing, spectacular day!



6 comments on “Thank You From The Bottom of My Heart!

  1. mamatcan says:

    Thank You for mentioning and linking to my blog.
    That quote is a favorite because it is true.
    This blog has wonderful poems, and enjoyable read.
    You are very welcome.

    • Grace Fiorre says:

      Well of course! I think it’s the least I could do being that I’m honestly grateful for you using a quote of mine.
      I’m glad you enjoyed the poems too! I hope you have a wonderful day, Tori!
      I’m was looking for some way to tag you in this post, but wasn’t sure how to, so I just linked to you blog ^^”” Apparently it worked! Yay :)

      • mamatcan says:

        Not sure how to tag either, lol, so just link to bloggers and websites in posts, So glad to know the posts on my blog are letting the links be discovered.

        Your blog has been bookmarked, it is a wonderful blog.

      • Grace Fiorre says:

        Yeah, I did what I could, I guess!
        And that’s so sweet! Thank you! I feel honored <3
        I will likely give your blog a look and try to surprise my mom with some special and unexpected cooking :)

      • mamatcan says:

        Let me know please if you try any and any variations that could make the recipe better.
        You are very welcome.

      • Grace Fiorre says:

        I’ll be sure to let you know my thoughts! :)

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