The Bridge

Untitled-2 - Copy

There are moments to seize
When you have the opportunity
Please, cross the bridge right now
Because I think it’s falling down
It’s starting to collapse
It’s breaking into pieces
I tried to make it strong
But that doesn’t make a difference
Please, come to me
Before it’s too late
Please, I don’t know
How much more I can take
How much longer it’ll stay up
The bridge is falling down
Breaking apart
Crumbling to the ground
And I can’t be alone
I try to be strong
I try to have a smile
But even when I’m laughing
Deep down inside I’m crying
Cross the bridge into my heart
I’m too afraid to call for help
Just cross the bridge
I’ll welcome you with open arms
I’ll break into tears
I’ll fall down just like my bridge
But I won’t be alone
I will be okay someday
If you only cross the bridge
I can’t promise it won’t fall
While you are crossing
But please take the chance
It feels like I am dying
I work so hard to protect
The people all around me
That I neglected my own bridge
And now it’s falling
I can’t build it back alone
I can’t pick up the stones
I can’t mend it back together
Just cross the bridge
Before it’s too late



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