Fight For Equality

Untitled-2 - Copy

My hope slowly dwindles down the drain
Just like in a river after heavy rain
For Society, we’re all the same
But it’s really just a stupid game

Promote equality, say we’re alike
Then turn your back and start a fight
Promote justice and freedom for all
Then turn your back and make them fall

Society won’t agree to be together
Until they prove that they are better
And even after doing so
They shout out loud for them to go

There is no right
There is no wrong
Just stupid beliefs
“They should be shunned”

Open your eyes and look around
Can you not see their frown?
Turn around, look them in the eye
Can you not see they also cry?

I do not take pride in the human race
For the simplest solutions they can’t create
It hurts my soul deep down inside
It’s an enormous pain I cannot hide

I cry for them, for my heart aches
Every time I see them break
They struggle every day against Society
Why can’t we just live in Equality?

But maybe someday the world might see
They are just like you and me
Maybe the love for each other will spread
Maybe we can be together instead



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