River of Tears

Untitled-2 - Copy
Drop by drop
Tears roll down her cheeks
Each one, a jumble of feelings
A drop of poison
A drop of venom
That burns her skin
As it falls to the ground
They leave scars on the girl
But the scars can’t be seen
They burn into her soul
Enhancing her insecurity
No one sees the scars
But yet she’s still afraid
She isn’t broken
But she’s leaking
All of her emotions
Into a river of tears
The water collects
And when someone sees
They just smile and say
“What a beautiful thing”
People look at the river
And see only the surface
Of the shimmering water
Of the running passage
But they never seem to think
Of how it got there
Days go by and tears collect
The girl fills it up
When she thinks no one is looking
People think she’s strong
People think she’s laughing
But they don’t notice
That her laughter’s broken
They don’t see behind the skin
They don’t take a look at her soul
They don’t see the scars
That the river of tears has caused
It’s a beauty to behold
But the story of the river
Is all about the girl
That’s leaking from within


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