My Broken Pieces

Untitled-2 - Copy

Is anyone here?
Can my voice be heard?
Are you there?
or I am alone?

These aren’t tears
Just stars from my eyes
They soak in fears
It’s another chance to hide…

Trust to be found
Demons hidden inside
Nothing will come around
Even though I hope

I lost control of my thought
I lost control of the wheel
Be defeated I shall not
No matter how tempting….

Cuts and wounds that I don’t hide
Are not broken dreams
But pieces of my broken pride
That I will never find again

A silver feather in the wind
A symbol of freedom it is
Maybe I’ve lost a friend
Or lost something that never was

In words I bury myself
I try my best to disappear
My cry speaks for itself
Even though it’s long died

I guess I feel betrayed
Was this all a lie?
It seems I have been played
Or maybe just used again

The real difficulty is hidden
In what I actually don’t have
Apparently nice is now forbidden
It might be time to be bad

Look at this, what am I saying?
Have I lost my mind?
I am now paying
For what seems to be another try

An attempt to feel connected
An attempt to be wanted
An attempt to be respected
A last try to be seen…



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