Crazy is my Name

Untitled-2 - Copy

I like to take things
At my own pace
Some people take it slow
But I’m always on the go

Everyone that knows me thinks
I’m slightly out of whack
I’ll just do things my way
Despite what people say

I know I’m very different
I take notice of the stares
That people tend to give me
But unlike most, I feel free

I can’t really say I mind
I kinda do like the attention
But it honestly depends
On what are the current trends

If I decide to wear black
When it’s time to wear white
People start to stare
They think I’m not aware

Truth be told I try
Very hard not to care
About a stranger’s opinion
When they see I’m not some minion

But let me tell you something
Be sure to listen good
Crazy is my name
But that doesn’t make me insane



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