Just Listen

Untitled-2 - Copy

Just listen to the words
That I have to say
I’m not asking you to talk
Just please pay attention

You always seem busy
I know you don’t pretend
But can you spare a second
And Just Listen?

I want to share so much with you
But every time I try to speak
You brush me off and say
“I’m too busy, not in the mood.”

I can understand you have a life
And many things are going on
But please just spare a little time
And try to Just Listen

So often words flow out of me
Like running water in a river
They flow and flow and really
I want you to Just Listen

When you start to talk
I stop myself and grow quiet
Because you’ve taught me
How to Just Listen

I’m aware that there are times
When I should speak less
But I have gone so long in silence
I want to talk so Just Listen

I care for you, I really do
Even when you get pissed off
Those are moments that
I try really hard to Just Listen

Do I talk too much?
Do you wish me to shush?
Do you want me to sit back
And learn again to Just Listen?

It’s getting hard to talk
Since you push my words away
But my mouth just keeps going
Hoping you’ll Just Listen

All it takes is some attention
Look me in the eye
Nod your head and smile
And please, Just Listen

Show me that you know
How important it is to me
That you’re giving me your time
And that you know to Just Listen

Don’t cut me off
Don’t start another sound
Don’t answer the ringing phone
Do your best to Just Listen

I’m not asking for your hours
I’m not asking for your days
I’m asking for a few minutes
Where you can Just Listen

Please comprehend the way
This all makes me feel
If you can’t, then realize
Eventually I’ll Just Listen



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