What About Tomorrow?

Untitled-2 - Copy

What about tomorrow
When my body has gone cold
And my eyes lost their shine?
Will there be a heaven to live in?
Will there be a God to greet me?
What will happen to my soul?
Do I even have one?
Or am I just a being
With a rather complex brain
And a simple unique face
Living life until I die?

What about tomorrow,
When I am no longer around
And I have left my life behind?
Will I go to hell
For the bad things I have done?
Will there be a devil
Telling me I was wrong?
Is there a deeper meaning?
Or am I just wasting time
By looking for things
Where there are none?

What about tomorrow,
What if there’s more than
People seem to undertstand?
What if life is just a phase
That my soul goes through
To gradually mature?
What if in reality,
This life is just a piece
Of such a bigger adventure,
That while in this phase
We can’t really understand?

What if it’s all wrong?
What if no one’s right?
What if no one knows
Until this life is gone?
Should we really waste
All our precious time
Fighting each other
And trying to seem right?
When instead love could be shared
And troubles broken down…

Don’t think so far ahead,
When who you are now
Won’t really have a choice
After this life is gone
Just look at the world
See what you can do
Take a second to breathe
And then ask yourself
“What about tomorrow?”



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