It’s Time To Fly

Untitled-2 - Copy

“It’s time to fly,” my parents said as I looked down ahead.
I have always been protected by them but now I’m on the edge.
The fall would hurt, my wings were stiff, and I hadn’t flown before.
My heart just beats inside my chest, afraid to greet the floor.
“Must I go now?” I asked, desperation seeping through my voice.
“Yes, you must,” my parents said, “You don’t have a choice.”
With a nervous shake I saw my nest, cozy and so welcoming,
Yet, here I was, afraid of what my life was becoming.
“It’s time to fly,” I told myself, staring up ahead.
Surely there was nothing that could keep me here instead.
“You can do it,” my parents reassured with a simple sigh,
“Just be strong,” they added in, “you are meant to fly.”
With one last gaze around my nest, I finally faced my fear.
I threw myself from where I rest and then… It was clear.
I would not have the wings I do, if I were meant to fall,
But if I fall, then it’s okay, I’ll still give it my all.



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