You Don’t Need A Wall or Mask To Have Someone Care

Untitled-2 - Copy

You struggle day and night
Every time you’re near someone
You smile, say you’re alright
Nothing’s bothering you
Yet I can hear your voice inside
Calling out for help
“Don’t believe me, it’s all a lie,”
You whisper to my soul,
“I’m not alright, this isn’t me,
Please don’t listen to what I say.”

So every day I try to show you
That I can hear what you’re saying
But you always laugh it off,
As if nothing is really happening
I try again, day after day,
To show you that I care
“Tear down these walls,
Break them down,
Come find me where I am,
Behind the mask I use to hide,”

I listen hard, I try to see
Past those strong walls
So stone by stone,
I took it apart,
And saw you with different eyes
You were crying and alone
Huddled away with your thoughts
“I’m not this strong, I’m not this calm,”
You whisper from your spot,
And as I listen I slowly continue
To take apart your wall

I could see how much it meant to you
When people seemed to care
Although, it was sad to see that
You weren’t really there
You were so frightened of what
Would happen if people really saw
Who you were inside

“It’s alright, I’m right here,”
I whispered back to you
It was then your eyes met mine,
And seemed to understand
You didn’t really need a wall or mask
To have someone care

It’s okay, I’m here for you
I’m right by your side
Don’t be afraid to call for help
When you once again go hide
I’ll look for you, once again,
I’ll tear the wall back down
But I am not the only one
Who will be there for you



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