The Peril of Love

Untitled-2 - Copy

We were young and very close friends
It wasn’t long ’til I fell in love
Day by day I gave a hint
And hoped that you would feel the same
After time I gathered courage
Worked up the nerve to tell you straight
That I was already deep in love

It filled my heart with warmth and joy
When I saw you loved me too
And it was great, the plans we made
To see each other together someday
I did my best to stay patient
I knew you hadn’t felt this before
So day by day I stayed content
Knowing one day you were mine, for sure

But after a year, something like that
You started to kinda turn your head
I wasn’t there to give you love
So you felt lonely, like you were not enough
It was hard to think of what to do
When all I wanted was to love you
But then I started to realize that just
Maybe it wasn’t worth the pain inside

I kept my heart on my sleeve
Waiting for the day you would see
That all I really needed was for you
To take my heart and be mine too
Instead you didn’t understand
My love for you was all I had
And because I love you this very much
I’ll let you go to try someone else

The promises that you made to me
Sweet, gentle words I treasure before,
Now are thorns stuck in my hands
As I try to glue back the heart that
I never should’ve kept on my sleeve


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