Her Little Haven

Untitled-2 - Copy

At moments of despair
When things seem too large
And time too slow
When nothing is right
And life won’t go
She pulls away from the world
And goes to Her Little Haven

She has an entire kingdom
She has a castle of her own
She even has the kindest servants around
Inside Her Little Haven,
She’ll take a moment to just hide
She’ll forget about her worries
And just focus on what’s inside
Nothing will break her walls
Nothing will penetrate her kingdom
And while she is at it,
Nothing will take her freedom

Inside her kingdom she feels safe
Inside the castle is her place
Behind the sturdy walls she stays
Because it keeps the world away
The pain
The sadness
The heavy feeling in her heart
It was all too much to bear
So she just stays inside Her Little Haven
Where she feels safe

Her Little Haven kept her sane
Her Little Haven gave her hope
Whenever she felt lost,
She would retreat to it again
For her bed, was her kingdom
Her blankets, were her walls
Her servants, were her pets
Her freedom, was her room



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