Love Is Like A Plant

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Of all the things that I could compare love to, I believe love is like a plant.

First you plant the seed, but you can’t expect it to just suddenly grow. If you want a strong plant, you need to water it… You can’t over-water it or it will die, but you can’t water it too little or it won’t grow and will also die.

With time, the plant sprouts and it’s honestly beautiful… You can add some fertilizer, make sure it gets enough water and sun, and surely, it will grow stronger and stronger. Of course, love is sensitive at first… It’s fragile, like a newly sprouted plant. It needs to be in the right conditions for it to continue growing, and it takes time. It doesn’t magically get strong one day to another.

Then, there are the branches and the leaves… When love is hurt, it is like breaking a few branches or ripping a few leaves off of the plant. I mean, it won’t die, per say, but it will be need to recover. It will need some nurturing to get better. And sometimes, the plant is just hurt so much, that even though it’s not… dead… you can’t do anything else to save it. You just, have to slowly acknowledge that it’s dying. You can decide to try to keep it alive, you can just watch it die, or you can suck it up and do the plant a favor; just rip it out of the ground already.

This brings me to my next point… There will be moments when, the plant is extremely healthy and strong, but something comes along and rips it out of the ground. This could be many outside factors, not necessarily the fault of the plant’s caregivers. And who knows, maybe the seed wasn’t that good, so it did sprout, but it didn’t really last that long… Maybe the soil wasn’t appropriate for that type of plant, maybe the time wasn’t right.

There are so many things that I could compare love to, but to me, love is a plant. I think it is something that needs care and nurturing to grow. Even a strong, strong tree still needs sun, water, and nutrients to survive. It might last a little longer than recently sprouted plants without some of those, but it will eventually give in.



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