I Didn’t Mean To Break Her

Untitled-2 - Copy

“You broke her,”
She told me as I saw our friend leave.
“What? How could that be?”
I asked in confusion.
My friend sighed and pointed at her as she walked away,
“Sometimes a broken heart breaks people,”
She said, a calm tone in her voice.
I blinked for a moment and followed her gaze,
Surely this was a mistake!
I was gentle and did my best to be kind
When I told her I had other people in mind.
“But she said she was happy and for me not to worry!”
I protested at the claim,
How in the world did I break that girl’s way?
“You really haven’t noticed how she’s been acting at all?
I mean, think about, you said you still care,
But where is the effort to prove you’re still there?”
I lowered my gaze and frowned at the floor,
This definitely wasn’t what I wanted to happen.
I still want to be friends, she’s super fun to be around…
But now she’s always leaving, saying she’s a bother to us all.
“…did I really break her?
Is that what’s happening?”
I asked with a small rub to my arm,
“Well obviously she’s broken,
She doesn’t even want a hug.”
These words kinda hurt when they reached my ear,
It wasn’t exactly what I was wanting to hear.
Maybe I never loved her how I thought I did…
Maybe I loved the thought that she could love me.
Maybe I was just in love with the idea of love,
But I guess I shouldn’t have let myself take it too far…
Now, she’s broken…
And this is all my fault.
I hope someone fixes her,
Because she doesn’t look as nice
When she is falling apart.



5 comments on “I Didn’t Mean To Break Her

  1. Simply powerful, gripping. The receiving end never is a pleasant sight. Not many people go for a fixer upper.

  2. Fanat1qu3 says:

    Ouch! I like it!

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