Crystal Heart

Untitled-2 - Copy

There is a special feature
To every single creature
Be it the way they talk
Or the way they walk
Be it that little quirk
Or that knowing smirk

Those with a Crystal Heart
Sometimes have it hard
They always have room for love
And it is never quite enough
Their intentions are Crystal clear
For love, they don’t really fear

To hold something so precious
Is a chance that most will miss
The fragile heart in hand
With love as a need, not a demand
It is hard to miss a chance
To admire this different stance

Despite how beautiful Crystal can be
Once it is broken, all can see
The many different lines that crack
And run along the sides and back
The beautiful Crystal the heart was
Glued back together without a fuss

The Crystal is still of pure intention
Now it simply needs more attention
It is fragile, but still held together
It wants love, ’cause love is better
Nothing compares to a Crystal Heart
When it starts to glow again in dark

Even after a Crystal Heart breaks
It might still make some mistakes
For a Crystal Heart loves always
Even if at times love parts ways
A Crystal Heart takes time to mend
But after it does, it can love again



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