A Second Chance

Untitled-2 - Copy

What do you do when you’ve done wrong
To someone that you care about?

What do you say when you’ve messed up
With someone who didn’t deserve it?

What can you do to make things right
When you screwed it up so bad?

It might be hard,
It might take time,
But don’t be afraid to try

When you mess up, try again
When you screw up, once again
Try to make it right

A Second Chance is worth a lot
Unless you decide to throw it away
And just waste a person’s time

The beauty of messing up is that now
You know what not to do

A Second Chance to try again
A Second Chance to do it right
A Second Chance to take the wheel
And move destruction out of sight

Don’t be afraid of A Second Chance
It’s not a time to do the same thing
That caused this mess



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