Little Star

Untitled-2 - Copy

Little star,
How you bright you shine!
If you fall,
I’ll make you mine.

Little star,
Come down and play!
I’m standing here,
Show me the way.

Little star,
You look so well!
What kind of story,
Do you have to tell?

Little star,
Where did you go?
You fell down,
And lost your glow.

Little star,
I miss your light!
It should be high in
The sky tonight.

Little star,
I miss you bad!
Without you there
I feel so sad.

Little star,
Call out for me!
I promise that I
Will set you free.

Little star,
Don’t be scared!
I’m gonna help you
Get back up there.

Little star,
Don’t give up!
We all fall down,
‘Cause life is tough.

Little star,
Don’t go out!
Just call for help,
Go ahead and shout.

Little star,
I can’t see you!
Are you looking,
For me too?

Little star,
Do not frown!
I will find you,
I won’t back down.


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