This Is About A Man

Untitled-2 - Copy

This is about a man.
There’s nothing wrong with him.
He has friends that make him laugh,
And a life worth very much.

He has a choppy haircut
With bangs tossed to the side.
His dark brown hair compliments
His bright emerald eyes.

His smile wasn’t perfect,
It was always a little big,
But that didn’t stop the man
From laughing when he found fit.

He had your average build,
Not too skinny, not too tall.
His face was well defined,
With sharp-cutting lines.

As normal as he might seem,
There was something else to him.
Despite the good things,
He still felt alone.

There were friends all around,
And a family that cared,
But despite these things,
He felt they weren’t there.

Amongst funny stories of the past,
And family dinners late at night,
The man’s chest grew hollow,
And he knew something wasn’t right.

What made him feel alone,
When there were people so close?
They accepted who he was,
So what was truly wrong?

This man had different ideas,
Brilliance that sparked within!
Certain things just made sense,
But no one could understand.

He tried really hard,
To explain this to his friends.
His eyes would light up
As he went on about it again.

But they didn’t understand.
In fact, no one did.
So the man was left alone,
With the thoughts in his head.

People told him he was wrong,
To talk about something else,
But even though the man lied,
His head remained the same.

It’s hard to feel at ease,
When no one thinks like him.
Even though he was accepted,
He still was misunderstood.

Sure, he has his flaws,
But he has great qualities too.
This man would be great,
Although still, misunderstood.

Is it okay to feel like that?
To feel like no one understands?
Is it okay to feel like
No one can really hold your hand?

Pushing the hollow chest aside,
The man still went on with life.
He did accomplish many things,
And only then did people change.

The man made a difference,
He changed things, as he should.
As Ralph Waldo Emerson said,
“To be great, is to be misunderstood.”



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