Break Free

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It’s hard to feel liberated
When you’re tied down.
It’s hard to feel free
When you’re chained to the ground.
It’s hard to know exactly
What you’re supposed to do.
Should you keep fighting
Or should you just stop pulling?

We feel so controlled,
So manipulated,
So powerless,
So incapable of standing up,
Because of all these chains.
We feel so distorted,
So distressed,
So underestimated,
So heavy and unmovable,
Because of all these chains.

Don’t let them hold you down.
Break free!
Tear those chains up from the ground.
Break free from the guilt,
From the anger,
From the worries,
From the problems!
Break free from the troubles,
From the depression,
From the loneliness,
From the misdirection!

Break free from the chains!
Break free from the boundaries!
Break free!
Break free from it all!
Tear them out of the ground!
Stand back up.
Get on your feet.
Shake it all off.
There’s no reason to give in,
Just break free!



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