Momma Bird Will Always Be There

Untitled-2 - Copy

Baby Bird up in the tree,
Chirping loud for all to hear,
“I will be big! I will be free,
When I get away from here.”

But when Momma Bird is there,
Baby Bird says no more;
The simple thought would scare,
Momma Bird down to the floor.

Baby Bird can understand,
That Momma Bird wants his best,
But Baby Bird will soon demand,
To let himself out of the nest.

Momma Bird would be upset!
Momma Bird can’t lose her son!
Momma Bird would surely fret;
This should never ever be done.

So Baby Bird just has to see,
When the time will be right;
For if he wants to truly be free,
Momma Bird must be alright.

What’s the point of going away,
If you will have no one to care?
Baby Bird may not stay,
But Momma Bird will always there.



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