Take A Chance

Untitled-2 - Copy

The sky is falling,
All is crumbling,
Everything is coming down.

The wind is yelling,
The cold is burning,
Everything is going down.

I can see the key,
I can reach out,
But everything is going down.

I’m lost for words,
I’m stuck in place
I feel like I should move,
And get out of the way.

I know what to do,
I know what I could say,
But I can’t seem to translate
The thoughts in my brain.

You look terrified,
You look me in the eyes,
You push the fear aside,
You say “Take my hand, I promise it will be alright.”

But I’m just too afraid,
I’m too afraid to take it all,
What if I just drag you down,
And make you fall?

I explain this to you,
You should save yourself,
Go out and find someone,
Worth being by your side.

Still you insist,
“I’m not leaving you,” you say,
“You’re more than good enough,
To be by my side.”

The sky then falls apart,
I swallow all my fear,
I take your hand, and you say,
“It’s okay to take a chance.”

The world seems to stop,
The sky starts to mend,
The key in front of me,
Finds its way into my hand.

My eyes start to clear,
The world reappears,
It wasn’t coming down,
Seems like it wasn’t coming down.

You look into my eyes,
You hold me tight,
“Thank you,” I whisper,
And you just smile.

Everything is calm,
Everything is bright,
My world is back together,
Because I could take a chance.



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