May It Always Be Christmas

Untitled-2 - Copy

May it always be Christmas.
May there always be joy.
May we always give,
And may we all rejoice.

May there always be love.
May we all show compassion.
May we always be strong enough,
And healthy to take action.

May there always be food.
May we always show care.
May we all be grateful,
And think life is fair.

May it always be blessed.
May we always accept.
May we always be giving,
And never ever neglect.

May the children be cherished.
May the lover be loved.
May we always hold hands,
And sing to stars above.

May we always have a home.
May we share with those in need.
May we always be kind,
And forget about greed.

May it always be true.
May we always come together.
May we forget our differences,
And focus on the better.

May there always be peace.
May we all live like this.
May we always be good,
And may it always be Christmas.



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