Things Change

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We all have a dream when we are young.
We all have a goal that we want to reach.
We all have a mission we want to finish.
We all have a thought that crosses our mind.

Sometimes, with time, that dream is lost.
Maybe we move on and change our mind.
Maybe we think that dream wasn’t right.
Maybe we messed up and needed different plans.

Sometimes, with time, our goals change.
Maybe we grow and become different people.
Maybe we decide something else is much better.
Maybe we lose ourselves inside our minds.

Sometimes, with time, our missions fail.
Maybe we didn’t try hard enough.
Maybe we didn’t want to finish in the first place.
Maybe we lost ourselves in the mission of life.

Sometimes, with time, our thoughts change.
Maybe we develop a new outlook on life.
Maybe we distract ourselves and look to the side.
Maybe we have thoughts best for another time.

Sometimes, in life, things go wrong.
Maybe it was a streak of bad luck.
Maybe it was meant to be all along.
Maybe it will turn out better in the end.



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