There’s a Seed in the Ground

Untitled-2 - Copy

There’s a seed in the ground,
It didn’t fall there by chance.
It was planted, placed, buried,
By what is perceived a friendly hand.
The soil is rough, the days grow cold,
But inside the earth, the seed grows old.
Gradually, a little plant starts to emerge from its shell.
It pushes through the dirt,
Up, up it goes.
There is no promise of light.
There is no promise of care.
There is no promise of love.
And someone might not be there.
The plant pushes through, up into the air.
It soon meets the sun, and for a moment, life is fair.
But all the seasons change, the little plant will still struggle.
The caring hand is there, doing what it can,
But the little, tiny plant has to grow on its own.
Slowly, over time, what was a seed becomes a tree.
Its tough bark; a protection from hardship, a lesson from life.
Its thick, long roots; a web to gather what it needs.
All the pretty leaves; new ways to take it in.
Its nice, little flowers; a home for future generations.
Even though the tree is strong, there is no promise it will live.
It has done what it could, it has grown big and strong,
But in the end what really matters, is to pass life along.



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