The Burst By The Drop

Untitled-2 - Copy

It builds up.
It keeps building up.
Drop by drop, slowly leaking,
Slowly adding to all that is.
It may seem small,
Like nothing at all,
But drip by drip,
It keeps on filling.
The time will come,
Oh, yes, the time will come,
When that one drop,
Will be enough.
It wasn’t the drop,
The drop was small,
You’d assume that it’d make
No difference at all.
But that little drop,
Wasn’t just a drop,
It was the millions of drops,
That kept on dripping.
The little drop,
Such a small thing,
Was all that it took,
To finally burst.
Burst into rage.
Burst into screams.
Burst into a waterfall
With a never-ending stream.



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