Inner Pain

Untitled-2 - Copy

Seething pain from deep inside,
It isn’t all that easy to hide,
For deep inside my body’s core,
There’s always something more.

It gurgles and it bubbles.
It stabs and it twists.
It burns me up, it breaks me down.
I can’t show nothing but a frown.

A drifting poisonous gas,
With fragments of broken glass,
It makes me sick, it makes me mad,
Until all that’s left of me is bad.

I’ll snap, I’ll growl, I’ll bite.
I’ll yell, I’ll scream, I’ll fight.
I’ll yowl at the top of lungs,
This battle is already done.

My eyes, chips of ice.
My words, far from nice.
My spirit, no longer free,
My smile, not what it used to be.



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