You Know That Vine?

Untitled-2 - Copy

You know those pretty vines?
The ones that twist and grow?
The ones that start out so small,
But soon enough, they’re big and tall?

Those vines that grow on trees,
Wrapping up around the trunk?
You know, with leaves of beauty,
And so fragile that it’s a pity!

Do you know which vine it is?
The ones that make me stare in awe,
As it grows around over the tree,
Giving it extra beauty?

Oh wait, what did you say?
Those vines are parasites?
They grow along the tree’s wood,
And don’t do it any good?

That’s confusing, it makes no sense,
How is the vine so cruel?
The vine is mean? I don’t believe you.
It kills the tree? That can’t be true!

Now I’m just confused,
I thought the vine was nice.
This sure is a surprise,
For the vine’s a demon is disguise.



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