The World Just Talks

Untitled-2 - Copy

It’s kinda hard to think when all the world can do is talk.
All the sass it has makes me really wanna ask
“I know the world can talk but can it really walk the walk?”
Wars, and fights, and prejudice everywhere.
It doesn’t involve me, but I find I really care.
There are people suffering, starving, dying, while our fat ass government isn’t even trying.
“Why should it try?” You ask.
Do I really need to answer?
How would you like if your world was crumbling even faster?

Can’t think about what I want.
I had some dreams, but those are gone.
My idea of perfection, I tossed to the side,
and now I’m happy, or at least I try.
I ask myself if it’s possible to really make dreams come true,
but I guess I was scared that I couldn’t come through.
So now, here I am, living a blurry daydream.
Whatever happened to thinking I could come clean?



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