If You Met Me

Untitled-2 - Copy

When you first hear my voice
You paint the picture in your head
Gamer girl,
Super smart,
Knows what she wants.
You fall in love with who I can be,
What I might be behind the screen.
You think about what I enjoy,
What I do, and what I like,
But you don’t really know,
If you are right.
You get to know me, though, with time,
You fall in love with who I am,
Or at least who I appear to be,
But maybe that’d be different,
If you met me.

You would first notice my looks,
The way I dress and cross my arms,
The way I laugh at everything.
You wouldn’t know I’m into games.
You wouldn’t know that I was smart.
All you’d know is I’m insane,
And madly focused on my grades.
I’d be too quirky too approach,
Too weird to think about,
Too happy to take seriously,
And too different to consider.
Love would not have come,
If you met me.



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