Good Girl

Untitled-2 - Copy

I don’t wanna be a good girl.
I don’t want your approval.
I don’t wanna hear you yelling, screaming.
I don’t wanna work alone.
I don’t wanna be perfect.
No matter what I do,
It’s not good enough for you.
I don’t wanna be selfless.
I don’t wanna be selfish.
I don’t wanna break my back,
Be called a prick or spoiled brat.
I don’t wanna cry to sleep,
Because you aren’t proud of me.
I don’t wanna feel trapped.
I don’t wanna ask permission,
Or reinforce my inhibition.
I don’t wanna run away,
But I don’t really wanna stay.
I don’t want to hear complaining,
Don’t wanna hear that I’m failing.
I don’t want your opinion.
I don’t want you in my business.

I just want to be happy;
That’s hard to do when things are crappy.
I just wanna feel free,
That it’s okay to be me.


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