Untitled-2 - Copy

We often times do a lot of finger pointing.
We blame, we criticize, and strive for one thing:
All within our power to stay the same.
No matter what’s wrong, we don’t want to change.
I’d like to say today that I apologize.
I lost touch with myself, not even sure why.
I had these feelings from an unknown location,
So I blamed you to find alleviation.
For that, I apologize, it was unfair.
All you did was show you care.

I’m sure this won’t be my only mistake,
For life is full of choices to make.
I’ll try hard to get it right,
To pave my path into the light.
I remember how great life can be,
If only I open my eyes to see,
Even though I get hurt by sticks and stones,
That doesn’t mean I get hurt alone;
For everyone fights a battle inside,
A battle invisible to the naked eye.
Yes, we make mistakes over time,
But every day is a chance to shine.



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