Untitled-2 - Copy

Even though life goes on,
Memories don’t go away.
No matter how far I make it,
I will never forget my past.

It is certain, and it has been shown,
That life keeps going on its own.
Despite the pain memories bring,
I wouldn’t ever change a thing.
It doesn’t matter the song I heard,
Chances are some memories hurt.
Every single memory I get,
Is special to me, and you can bet,
That I will never ever dare let,
A tinge of doubt become regret;
For every single place I see,
Will always create a memory,
And it doesn’t matter the time of day,
For every memory is here to stay.
Do I care if my heart will bleed
The minute the memory dare be freed?
No, I don’t, that’s a mystery,
But hey, my brain will always see
That no matter the place my feet take me,
No single memory will dare erase me.
I am my own and that is true,
But memories help make me too.
Yes, they often bring some pain,
But I have so much more to gain,
For every thing I ever do,
Will help create more memories too.
No one on Earth has my memory;
My view of the world, no one can see.
But that is unique to everyone,
There isn’t a life just like your own.
Every experience I dare to live,
Is part of more than I can give,
Because in our lives, we all are shepherds,
All contributing to the akashic records.


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