Don’t Underestimate Me

Untitled-2 - Copy

Do not approach just because you don’t see the flame.
Just because I’m cool, doesn’t mean I am easy to contain.
Be cautious, I am nice, just try not to start a fight.
I’ll take the path of less resistance, because I am kind,
But cross me once, and defending myself isn’t something I mind.
I’ve got a small frame but I’ve got a big heart.
Come at me, bro, you don’t know what you’re gonna start.
I swallow my fear and I bury my pride,
But my courage is something I don’t hide.
If you wanna fight, I’ll try talk you out of it,
But if you insist, trust me, you better quit.
I don’t back down. I don’t turn the cheek.
I hold my ground, don’t dare think I’m weak.
Don’t underestimate me, don’t consider my age,
Just look me in the eye and decide if you really wanna engage.
It’s not worth my time to look all big and tough,
I usually assume just being decent is enough.
Don’t look down at me. Look me straight in the eye.
I’m a mother-fucking equal, one day we’re both gonna die.



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