I See You

Untitled-2 - Copy

All those times you sacrificed something you loved for me,
I know and understand that it wasn’t always so easy.
You took away from yourself so you had money to feed me,
And even though I’m all grow up now, I appreciate that greatly.
There may have been some times where I lost my direction,
But you were always there despite my current misdirection.
You’ve tried your best to protect me, from the world and from myself,
But no matter how hard you try, there will always be something else.
Life is made of challenges and opportunities to grow,
I see you and the way you love has never failed to show.
Your eyes often sparkle with some emotion I don’t comprehend,
If I ever find a name for it, I’m sure it might help me understand.
Despite my ignorance to your unconditional love,
I am grateful for everything, you do more than enough.
I see you in your passion and I see you in your soul,
I know I don’t see you the same but it isn’t part of my role.
Be there for me, and I will try to be there for you too,
Chances are sometimes I’ll fail, but always I see you.



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