Never Give Up

Untitled-2 - Copy

I know, I’ve been told, so many times, that I’m the one.
And I know, I’ve been sold, too many futures to choose from.
But I see that now I need to learn to let go,
To all these past futures I could’ve had if different things had been done.

When I thought I would be alone,
When I thought that a future for two was gone,
You took my hand, showed me the sun, told me not to give up.

Even though I’m not too sure about what to do or where to go,
You’ve taken the time to earn my trust and slowly make me love.
And now there’s nothing that can hold me back
Because I have faith in us.
We will carry on.
We will be strong.
Because you never gave up.

I know, I’ve believed, so many times, I’d fall down.
And I know, I was weak, time again, I broke down.
But I see that now I need to let go,
Of all the worries that I have inside my head and go straight into my bone.

I will carry on and I won’t fight for what never was.
You have taught that when you really care, you never should give up.
Because now I know that if I try, I can conquer the world.



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