Collection Of Gifts

Untitled-2 - Copy

I have many ways to hunt, from using sweet to using sour.
I never go out to hunt, I never leave my tower.
I watch from my window, the souls below,
And wonder what makes them move so slow.
Every so often, I invite one inside.
After all, I have nothing to hide.
They give me a gift, just to start,
And I let them hold onto a Crystal Heart.
After sometime, my guest will leave, and with, he takes his gift to me.
I reclaim my Crystal back for myself,
And let it rest once more on my shelf.
Sometimes a guest will let it fall,
It gets some cracks but time fixes all.
There was a day I was so scared
That my Crystal could not be repaired,
But thankfully, and I mentioned before,
Time is always a working cure.

This one day I was caught by surprise,
I couldn’t even believe my eyes.
I spent a long time with a special guest,
But I was still in awe when he left.
Upon putting my Crystal in its space,
There was a new addition to my place.
My guest had forgotten to claim his gift,
But it was too heavy for me to lift.
So I left it there and didn’t know,
Soon I would have a collection to show.
I thought this was it, that was my belief,
In some way, I felt like a thief.
That present should not stay in my name,
Another might want to make that claim.
I left it there, since it wouldn’t budge,
For who was I to care to judge?

Along came a day I met another,
We lasted almost as long as the former.
When the time came for my guest to leave,
I reminded them of their gift to retrieve.
This guest was different, it was his intent,
To let me keep this one present.
For I was the one, this guest would say,
To keep that gift all night and day.
Hunting was something I’ve never tried,
I did not have the needed ego or pride,
But that didn’t change the obvious fact,
I had these gifts without need to act.

Time goes on, my collection is bigger,
Never once I had to pull a trigger.
These gifts are gifts that managed to stay,
Because somehow their owners gave them away.
I was their choice, their giftee, their one,
Though I often feel guilty their shelves have none.



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