Pick Your Lens

Untitled-2 - Copy

I don’t expect the world to
See itself through my eyes.
I don’t expect anyone to
Make a compromise;
Depending on the day,
Seeing good or bad depends,
On the variety of choices
I make to pick a specific lens.

The world is beautiful.
The world is true.
There is so much more
Than just me and you.
So many things to do yet,
You go out of your way
To help someone smile
And make their day.
Stopping to help a stranger
With little hope to give,
By showing them you care,
An attitude to help them live.
Taking all the bad things and
Turning them into a blessing,
Showing everyone it’s okay
To stop with all the suppressing.
It’s a matter of specifics,
Selective perspective,
Choosing to appreciate the
Good and the Respected.

But the world is dark.
The world is corrupted.
The flow of love is
So often disrupted.
Without any need,
Forcing tears to the floor,
By cutting at another
With words they abhor.
Exposing another’s weakness,
Digging that blade deeper,
And instead of pulling it out,
Make the hole even steeper.
Judging how they walk about,
When you aren’t wearing their shoe,
Forgetting that the world is not
All about you.
It’s a matter of specifics,
Selective fear,
Focusing on the unknown
Instead of making it clear.

Go ahead, it’s your choice,
To see which lens you choose.
Don’t let yourself be fooled and think
You are given the lens to use.
It’s your decision,
It’s your life,
Good and bad
Can be done with a knife.



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