Untitled-2 - Copy

I confess,
First from my heart,
Then from my mind,
Last from the place
I didn’t know was mine.

From my heart:

I confess I get distracted,
I am a creature of convenience,
Giving my love to
Whoever is the easiest.

I confess I lose my patience,
I’m often somewhat selfish,
Putting off what doesn’t
Help me right that minute.

I confess I don’t do much,
I don’t show how much I care,
Even though it only takes
A few seconds to do so.

From my mind:

I confess I overthink,
I worry too much about the future,
Forget I need to live the present,
Or I lose it to the past.

I confess I switch emotions for logic,
I weigh my friends on pros and cons,
And don’t always take into account,
They are living beings too.

I confess I switch logic for emotions,
I pour my heart into my work,
Get so involved I lose myself,
And end up getting overwhelmed.

From your perspective:

I confess I sometimes care,
I wonder what I look like in your eyes,
Do you see that I mean well,
Or only see the tip of the iceberg?

I confess I didn’t know,
I never knew what I was to you,
Someone you can trust,
And be melancholic if you lost.

I confess deep down inside,
I’m stronger than you might think,
But I keep this strength deep down,
Until I find someone who needs help.

All these confessions,
And there are so many more to make,
But for now, that is all,
I’ll think some more another day.



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