The One I Can Count On

Untitled-2 - Copy

People go through life
Trusting one
And then another
Without realizing that
Everyone comes and goes.
Eventually, even your family
Will proceed to leave you
Or many at a time.
You might lose some to themselves;
Some others claimed by life;
A few will leave confused
And come back a different time.
These people that claim to love you,
They are no exception.
One day the day will come,
And they will leave you too.

Nothing is ever constant.
No one is always there.
But let me take a step back
I have something to share.
I lied that single time,
Just now when I said
That nothing is always constant
And no one is ever there.
Out of all the billions in the world
There is one who will be
Right there by your side
Through good and bad
Through hate and through love
Through sickness and health
Throughout all of your life.
The day you cannot count
On this individual,
Is the day that everything else
Will cease to be.

Who is this constant?
What is this constant?
The only constant is “me”



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