Buried in a Wishing Well

Untitled-2 - Copy

There was a time that I feared being alone;
I feared the fact that I would be on my own.
One day I’d go away;
Lose my home,
Lose what’s “safe”,
Knowing that I’d have to part
With the place my life had to start.

I was told as a child that dreams come true.
Toss a coin into a wishing well was all I had to do.
So coin by coin, it seemed,
I tossed into the well,
What a child had dreamed.
If only I knew the cost
Of those dreams I lost.

I imagined that I would always have a piece of my home;
Carry it inside my heart no matter where my body would roam.
Those were dreams of a child,
That didn’t know the fact
That reality is often wild.
Now I wish that back then I had a way to tell,
My dreams would be Buried in a Wishing Well.

Today, I am afraid that I will never be alone;
Afraid that I will somehow not make it on my own.
One day, I’ll go away;
Find a new home,
Find my new “safe”,
But part of me will always be scared
My buried dreams won’t be repaired.



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