My Pet Tiger

Untitled-2 - Copy

I adopted a pet tiger
It was kind of on a whim.
I didn’t know what
I was going to do with him.
He was cute, and fluffy,
But sometimes I was worried.
I named him “Panic” because
He’d jump on me when he scared.

Panic at first was small,
His claws were sharp,
But not enough to harm.
He’d sneak up on me,
Give no warning,
Then jump all of a sudden.
He would do this every month,
And whenever I had something
About to come up.

But then, Panic grew out of it.
He stopped stalking me,
Stopped surprising me,
Instead just sat there with his claws,
Clicking against the floor.
The clicks drove me mad,
Because I knew Panic was right there.

He grew bigger, still,
And then I could always see him.
Whenever he was around,
He made sure to get attention.
I saw Panic coming,
Clicking against the floor,
And before I knew it,
Panic was pushing me down more.
He would sit on my chest,
With a paw on my neck,
But my pet tiger’s way too big,
For me to just push off.



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