Treat Me Like I’m Not Real

Untitled-2 - Copy

A tragic background is not always the definition of a good character
Because I am real and have my own tragic story.
A simple personality is not always limited to a character
Because I am as easy to read as a bad script.
Continuous stupid ideas are not limited to horror films
Because I find myself always making dumb decisions.
An idealistic mindset is not limited to a delusional villain
Because often times I imagine that I can change the world.
Something I have noticed is that being real can hurt
Because many fairytales seem to have a happy ending.
Another thing that hurts is the lack of someone special
Because characters always have that one special friend.
It’s hurtful to notice that things aren’t as easy
Because people don’t dismiss me like a character.
Worst of all is that unreal is treated well
Because they cannot create mistakes past their description.
Maybe for just a moment I would that gentle acceptance
Because sometimes I wish they’d Treat Me Like I’m Not Real.




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