Scared of Friends

Untitled-2 - Copy

I used to be like glue,
I’d attach to all I knew.
I would love and I would care
And fix all the problems there.

I used to be like glass,
Hard to see but easy to grasp.
I was what I appeared
And I didn’t feel fear.

Now I’m just tape,
I’m there but I’m away.
I’m scared of getting attached
Since people can still attack.

Now I’m just plastic,
Easy to see it and to mask it.
Scared to say what I want
Since people see it as a taunt.

I’m trapped inside myself,
For fear of being someone else.
Everything I used to say
Was always taken the wrong way.

Now I’m a wolf without a pack,
An Omega that looks back.
Surrounded by wolves everywhere
Wondering if they will care.

Now I’m a person without a heart,
Just afraid to make it start.
New people make me tense,
Since I’m Scared of Friends.



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