Empty Room With Familiar Faces

Untitled-2 - Copy
Stepping down the hall,
Following past traces.
Walking into an Empty Room,
Full of familiar faces.

A wave from before,
Mixes with the after.
What used to be a family,
Torn in broken laughter.

The room fades away.
The voices drown out.
The only thing that remains,
Is the internal painful shout.

Smiles all around,
Blind to a hardening heart.
The empty room with faces,
Gradually turns it dark.

Different from outside,
Where there is no end,
The room casts a bubble,
That repels every known friend.

The sounds drain away,
As music fills the head.
Yet, the internal silence,
Is screaming louder instead.

Fading into the background,
Each face has a story.
A chapter from every one,
Each smile, just a memory.



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