Tinted World

Untitled-2 - Copy

The world you see through your eyes
Is tinted dark, heavy, and cruel.
You hear her words, you see her move,
She must be out to get you.
But this tinted world is not what’s real,
It’s a darker, twisted version of what there is.
If you could see through clear eyes,
You’d notice she tried to help you.
But alas, that’s faded, that’s jaded, and it’s a lie.
For how in the world could someone like her,
Choose to be by your side?
Throw her away, say goodbye,
You know that it will hurt.
But in this jaded world of yours,
It’s something that had to be done.
You had a wide array of possibility,
Shivering at your fingertips.
Instead of removing those tinted lens,
You chose the darkest in hand.



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