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Grace Fiorre is an 18 year-old author that finished her first book when she was 15. She is originally from California and she has been home-schooled most of her life. Being home-schooled gave her the opportunity to focus and dedicate herself to her writing.
Her first book, “The Nothing Spirit: Nothing is Everything” is already available on Amazon and is the first book of many to come, including the following sequels.

She also enjoys writing poems and songs in her free time, as well as occasionally draw and make tattoo designs. Sometimes, She will pick up the guitar and strum a few chords. However, most importantly, Grace tries to set an example that everyone should follow their dreams.

The less professional,short version:

I’m just an 18 year-old just trying to do what I can with what I can offer the world. I just want to make it a better place, be that through visual art, musical art, or just the ability to sit down and lose yourself in a story. Of course, I’m far from perfect, but that doesn’t keep me from following my dreams and trying to set a good example.



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